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Water Basics

The water story begins in the upper clouds where water exists as almost weightless vapor particles. At this point, it is virtually free of impurities. While water may look pure and refreshing, the truth is that water contains many chemicals and impurities.
When water evaporates from the earth, it rises into the atmosphere and forms into cloud formations. Water BasicsUnder certain conditions, it then returns to earth in the form of rain, snow, sleet or hail and may also appear as dew or fog. As moisture falls from the sky, it can pick up minerals, gasses, solids and chemicals, and bacteria. As water runs over the ground, it picks up additional organic contaminates from the earth's surface. As the water seeps into the ground, it then picks up other contaminates, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and hydrogen sulfide.

Seventy percent of the moisture that falls to the earth evaporates into the atmosphere before seeping into the ground and begins the circle again. This continuous circle of precipitation and evaporation is called the hydrological cycle.

Many people are unaware that the same amount of water exists today as it did a million years ago. It is used by us and then returns to earth in a continuing cycle.

Although municipal water systems chemically treat the water to kill harmful bacteria, neither municipal or home well water is fully treated for iron, hardness minerals and hydrogen sulfide. Also, aesthetic problems such as bad tastes and odors are not typically treated.

In order to correct some of the harmful effects of problematic water in your home or business, a water treatment professional can help determine the cause of the problem and offer remedies to correct the problem.

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