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Acqua Soft Refined Water
Water contioning watershield5 600 Watershield 5600
Water Conditioning System

For Soft Refined Purer Water.

The benefits of soft water:Water conditioning system

In the kitchen

- Your dishes will sparkle
- Glassware and flatware will dry free of spots and streaks
- Clean-up on counter tops and sinks will be easier, and need less detergent

In the BathroomWater conditioning system

- Showers will be with silky smooth, clear rinsing water
- Soaps and shampoos will provide great lathers
- Conditioned water revives hair color and leaves hair soft
- Skin will feel smoother and refreshed after washing
- Fixtures and tile will have reduced soap scum and residue buildup

Around The House

- Laundry will have brighter colors
- Clothes will be cleaner, softer, and last longer
-Adds years to the life of your water heater, and can maitain its efficiency by up to 30% by reducing scale buildup
- Adds service life to coffee makers, steam irons, faucets and other water using appliances
- Saves dramatically on the cost of cleaning supplies and detergents

Watershield windsor:

- The Watershield 5600 water softner utilizes a simple mechanical design that is reliable and easy to understand. It uses one of the most popular softening valves in the world.
- The Watershield 5600 can be installed inside or out.
- A double backwash feature offers the optimum in regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency.


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