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What You Should Know About Your Water


There are many potential contaminants in water.  Below we explain a few of these contaminants and their effects on our health.


 Acid Rain


Acid rain can be caused by coal or oil combustion and smelting produce selenium which can cause liver damage. Spent coal also produces barium which can contribute to circulatory defects.


Animal Wastes


Animal waste can contaminate water supplies with protozoan cysts, Cryptosporidia, Giardia, and Entamoeba which cause gastroenteric disease.


Herbicides and Insecticides


Arsenic is just one of several cancer-causing chemicals found in various herbicides and insecticides.


Lawn and Garden Chemicals


Fluoride can cause skeletal and dental damage. Nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome.


Chemical and Industrial Wastes


Cadmium from batteries and paints can cause kidney problems. Arsenic in industrial wastes can cause skin and nervous system toxicity.


Iron and Mineral Deposits


Iron stains red, forms scale in pipes, and increases soap usage. Water going through shale and limestone leaves tub rings, is hard on pipes, and can smell.


Your Water


Clean water is a precious resource fundamental to life as we know it. While our water supply remains constant, we are critically compromising it faster than nature can clean it and we are polluting it with more contaminants than ever before.


Hydrological Cycle


Nature purifies water through a process called the Hydrological Cycle. In this process, water evaporates from streams, lakes, and the ocean to the atmosphere as vapor. In this vapor state, water is in its purest form with all contaminants left behind. when enough vapor has joined together in the form of clouds, it falls to the earth as rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation. This pure moisture collects impurities from the air on its journey down. When it reaches the ground, it continues to collect everything including minerals and pesticides. Because of its ability to collect or absorb other substances, water is often referred to as nature’s solvent.


Natural Water Issues


The “path” that water takes to enter the home determines the type of problems it can have. Water passing through shale, limestone, and other soft rocks will dissolve and carry calcium and magnesium from those rocks into the home causing hard water problems. Water passing through iron-bearing rock will collect iron, causing rust stains and other related iron problems in the home. Water passing through granite, marble, and other extremely hard rocks cannot dissolve or absorb anything; it remains “hungry” or acidic as it enters the home, and begins dissolving or eating away at pipes and chrome plumbing fixtures. Water also collects tastes and odors as it passes through decaying vegetation, gases, minerals, and organic materials beneath the earth’s surface. A common taste and odor problem is caused by the absorption of hydrogen and sulfide, which gives water the taste and smell of rotten eggs.


Man-Made Water Issues


In addition to natural contaminants, water absorbs man-made toxins that cause significant water problems. Modern society has made many scientific advances, but in the process has also created many new byproducts and contaminants. Petrochemical spills and leaks from decades ago have seeped into the underground water supply. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers are washed by rainwater into streams, rivers, lakes and wells.


Hard Water


Hard water is created when water passes through rock formations and picks up calcium and magnesium. Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made of hardness minerals and soap. The scum collects on shower walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores, and makes house cleaning extremely difficult. Hard water deposits also can clog pipes. Cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and increase the maintenance on water-using appliances.


Acid Water


Acid water is caused by water passing through extremely hard rock such as granite or marble. By its nature, it wants to dissolve materials through which it passes. If it cannot dissolve materials, water comes into the home in a “hungry” state and starts eating away everything it touches. The degree of the problems experienced will be determined by the pH scale of 1 to 14. Water registering below 7 is acidic, at 7 is neutral, and above 7 is alkaline.


Iron in Water


Iron water is created when water passes through iron-bearing rocks in the earth. Because iron accounts for 5% of all the earth’s crust, it can be found in just about all types of water supplies. It can also be caused, usually temporarily, by water standing in iron pipes. Iron has the tendency to leave stains on sinks, clothing and linens, or it can form scale on pipes and water-using appliances that make water look, smell and taste bad.


Water and Your health


Your body craves water. Next to air, it’s the most essential element for human survival and well-being. Water makes up 70 percent of your body. Not having enough water in your system is like a car running low on oil. Water dissolves solids and delivers nutrients to every cell in your body. Staying hydrated can help reduce blood pressure, pain from arthritis, colitis and migraines. It can also lower cholesterol and promote healthy skin. Unlike many other beverages, water has no fat, no cholesterol and no caffeine. It’s the ultimate health drink, the organic elixir that contributes to every physiological process which you’re more likely to reach for it when it tastes great.


Approximately 70% of Your Body is Water


    • 85% of the brain’s gray matter is water.
    • The transparency of the media of the eye to light is maintained by water.
    • Sound is conducted through the inner ear by liquid.
    • Water (cerebrospinal fluid) serves as a cushion for the brain and spinal cord.
    • The sense organs of equilibrium depend upon the presence of water
    • Water is important in equalizing the temperature throughout the body.
    • Water serves as a lubricant for moving parts such as joints, the heart, and intestine
    • Water dissolves or holds in suspension other materials in protoplasm.
    • Water moistens the surface of the lungs for gas diffusion.
    • Water is required for digestion, absorption, metabolism, secretion, and excretion.

With all these life critical functions in your body at stake…Doesn’t it make sense to only consume high-quality water?


Water Testing



In-Home Testing


With a brief home visit, water professionals can easily detect many water problems caused by nature. Aqua Soft Refined Water professionals are trained to spot symptoms of certain water problems and, with the help of a portable testing lab, have the ability measure levels of contaminants. The most common in-home water tests are for hardness (measured in grains per gallon), acid, chlorine, nitrates, and total dissolved solids. Water suspected to contain bacteria must be tested by a laboratory.


Laboratory Testing


In cases where laboratory testing may be required, water samples are often mailed to a lab or submitted by a water treatment professional. To locate a reputable water testing lab, look in your local yellow pages or online. Aqua Soft Refined Water can also take care of any submittal and help you solve your water issues.


Benefits of Treated Water



What do you get with treated water?


    • The cleanest shower or bath you’ve ever taken
    • No soap or shampoo residue on skin
    • Softer, brighter laundry
    • Less scale build-up inside pipes, appliances, and fixtures


What do you get with filtered water?


    • Clean, fresh, bottle-quality water for drinking and cooking.
    • Better tasting everything! Especially coffee, tea, soup and juices.
    • A new drink of choice
    • Clearer water and ice cubes
    • Elimination of tastes, odors, and many contaminants


Additional Resources and Links


Ground Water and Drinking Water
U.S. Geological Survey, National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program
Water Environment Federation
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NSF International
Water Quality Association

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I love the water that they have in the front of the store where you can refill your bottle for a quarter!!! Well worth it.
VlgIdt E
VlgIdt E
11:49 26 Jul 23
Great soutce dor filtered water by the gallon / 5 gallon. Easy access off 19 and always quite on the weekends.
Ken Cooke
Ken Cooke
17:01 10 Apr 23
I have used their water salt delivery for years. They deliver, fill check the timer and inform me of any issues. Great worry free service. Well worth the extra couple of dollars a bag.
Adam Newsome
Adam Newsome
17:07 17 Feb 23
The technician Will was a pure professional. Serviced my system and did an outstanding job explaining to me how it worked and what types of things to look out for. It was a pleasure to speak to Lauren in the office as well when scheduling my service... appointment. I definitely recommend Aqua Soft and will call them for my future water softener more
eugene hingtgen
eugene hingtgen
17:19 19 Jan 23
First of all, my water softer finally bit the dust, Angelo came out to look at it and found out it was beyond repair, finally found out it came over on the Mayflower. My point is they are very honest and explain things to me .I knew before they came... my unit was junk. so Ricky shows up a few days later to install my unit. The workmanship was incredible. He show me everything he was doing and how the softer works and the clean up afterward you would never know he was even there. Do yourself a favor and call these guys if you ever need service. They are excellent guys and Company to work withread more
Danny Stover
Danny Stover
17:00 28 Oct 22
Called Aqua Soft 2 days ago for a new service estimate at our home. Angelo called to let me know he was on the way; he arrived promptly as stated. I was prepared for a big sales pitch. Nope, Angelo was professional and very knowledgeable regarding... the product. We felt zero pressure. No sales pitch. The price was very reasonable and we signed up. Angelo was completely done within 10 minutes. We look forward to having soft water. I will follow up with a review down the road. BTW, AMERICAN MADE EQUIPMENT!!!!read more
Susan Edwards
Susan Edwards
22:05 29 Apr 22
Nancy reached out to me several times. Today I actually was available to speak with her. She resolved every issue I was having. She was very professional and got things handled same day. She went above and beyond to make things good. Thank you... Nancy! =)read more
Teresa Martin
Teresa Martin
01:13 12 Apr 22
We have wanted a water softener for a long time to make our dishes and quality of hair better. We had our water tested and the results indicated we don’t have great water quality in our area of Pinellas County. We sat on the decision for about 3... months. Wil Muniz from Aqua Soft came out to provide a quote from Aqua Soft. He was very professional and knowledgeable. We finally decided to do it and we can’t say anything else except we waited to long. When we had questions, we called and the manager who was top notch. Both employees have a lot of tenure with the company and believe in the product and they should. We highly recommend Aqua Soft, Will and the long standing manager that made this difficult decision easy. Thank you Aqua Soft for making our water so much better, dishes cleaner, hair and skin more
21:27 18 Feb 22
These guys always go above and beyond for their customers. I couldn't be happier with them as my local water experts!
Shelly Stanley
Shelly Stanley
17:52 18 Feb 22
Thanks to technician Kyle's research and knowledge we have clear water again!!
Anne Carter
Anne Carter
19:12 10 Feb 22
We called Aqua Soft because our water softener was leaking. The soonest appointment was a week away. However, as soon as they had a cancellation, they called to let us know they could come out sooner, if we were available.Kyle came out on... February 9, 2022. He checked everything very carefully. At first, he thought that we might need a new water softener. However, upon more careful inspection, he determined that we just needed to fix the part that was causing the leak.I was impressed with his honesty and with the quality of his work! The entire company is a class act!read more
Bobpeggy Elvey
Bobpeggy Elvey
18:29 16 Dec 21
Angelo came to service our RO system which was in our home when we purchased it. He called before arriving and introduced himself when he arrived. It was a pleasure having him service our unit, share how it worked and how to maintain it. He is... very professional and knowledgeable about the product. How different from some other service people we have dealt with in other service calls! We will be requesting him in the future! When we called to make the appointment, as well as when we called to take care of our bill, Lauren echoed that same politeness and professionalism in handling the office work! What valuable employees! Keep up the fine service! We look forward to working with Aqua Soft in the future!read more
Yvonne Lauro
Yvonne Lauro
16:00 11 Nov 21
We were extremely pleased with the friendliness of the sales rep and the installer. Both were very knowledgeable. We recommend this company without hesitation. There was just one minor hiccup, easily resolved, which is why stars instead of 5.
Bryan Wagman
Bryan Wagman
19:05 10 Nov 21
In the interest of preventative maintenance, I had scheduled a service call even through I had no issues.The assigned tech, Kyle called me early on the morning of scheduled services to advice that he would be onsite. He arrived on time and clearly... explained what he was going to do before starting work. When he was done with his inspection, he explained his findings and his actions (a minor change to settings).Kyle was thorough, informative, honest, and extremely professional. I rate his service call as “Best in Class”.read more
Kelly Wahrmann
Kelly Wahrmann
12:18 26 Aug 21
Will is an amazing technician, my water started turning brown and he didn’t give up til he figured why. Laura and Nancy also were so patient with me even when I was getting upset because one thing after another wasn’t working but nobody gave up til... we fixed the problem!!!! I would highly recommend them! I have had there system in my home for 3 years and this was my first issue and like I said it was fixed as quickly as possible!!! Thanks for the awesome customer service! Will thanks for not giving up!!!!read more
Chris Morr
Chris Morr
19:49 25 Aug 21
Great Team and very professional. Came for install on time and was very professional during the whole experience. Will definitely be referring my friends.
Bryon Matiyosus
Bryon Matiyosus
17:40 14 Apr 21
Have been with Aqua Soft for over a year now. Service has been on time and with friendly knowledgeable technicians. Salt delivery have been timely, easy , and friendly! Thank you to Kaleb W. for checking our water softness, on point. Highly... recommend Aqua Soft!read more
Trisha Hyatt
Trisha Hyatt
14:34 08 Mar 21
This is an update to my previous review. We’ve had the rental water system for our house for over 2 years now. Everything is perfect no rusty or smelling egg smells coming in the house or pool from all the iron we have in the well water. Only had it... serviced once in that time. Just to make sure everything was going good. There was no extra cost for us. Water is still amazing!read more
Brent Long
Brent Long
21:23 18 Feb 21
Service and communication have been perfect from day one. Wil, the general manager, has been extraordinarily accommodating in diagnosing, solving, and servicing our water issues. I would highly recommend Aqua Soft to anyone who needs help with Well... water more
Tammy Hess
Tammy Hess
00:26 23 Jan 21
Have had excellent service so far with AquaSoft. Chris was very helpful and very professional.
James Allen
James Allen
12:41 09 May 20
Excellent customer sevice and quality product. Bought our home a new water works great, and the price was outstanding. Thank you very much!!
Lavonne Williams
Lavonne Williams
18:31 19 Nov 19
We are only on day 1 of our new system...but the iron and sulfur issues are cleared up! Nothing quite like buying a home and having the original water system stop working within 2 months.Will did the original estimate for us and the install. He is... AMAZING! He took time to explain the details of what was going g on with our water. He explained to me how I can monitor the system from my phone if I’d like. Will also noticed we had low water pressure and showed us the tank that controls the pressure from the well and how to add more air to give it better pressure (not at all something that was part of his job). It is awesome to have the pleasure of having the install done by someone so passionate about what they do. He made the experience exceptional!The system looks so much cleaner than the ugly tanks that were there before too! A nice bonus for a better looking garage.Of course, if anything goes out of whack from this stellar 5 stars, I will add an update. If there isn’t one here, it means all is still working perfectly as expected!read more
Darren Barnhill
Darren Barnhill
01:33 05 Sep 19
I live in the neighborhood, and stopped here to get water in anticipation of the hurricane. For $.25/Gallon, you can fill jugs on the front of the building. The water tastes great, and I didn't have to stand in long lines. Thanks!
Belinda Moore
Belinda Moore
00:04 10 Jul 19
Will was great! Really appreciated him coming out and checking our softener and doing the water tests. He made recommendations for our pipes and our water heater to improve the water even more. Thank you so much! Would definitely recommend Aqua... Soft!read more
Marion Fowler
Marion Fowler
20:42 25 Jun 19
Will did an awesome job. He immediately seen the issue and went to work and had the issue fixed in no time. There was no goofing around straight to work .... And the price was fair as well. I definitely call Aqua soft again when needed.
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